Visual Analytics to explore, discover and act on data.


Find out how Group Audit in Assicurazioni Generali adopts Visual Analytics with Tableau to explore, discover and present data related to Auditing.

​​Group Audit in Assicurazioni Generali is a solid Function present at global level. It is an independent and objective function with the aim to examine and evaluate the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the internal control system and all other elements of the system of governance.

Innovation is about people and the Group Audit Digital Factory was launched in 2020 to coordinate all digital initiatives within Group Audit, steering cross-country activities and involving Talents from all over the world through a dedicated network, common knowledge, specific approach, and training.

Data Visualization in Tableau is one of the key area of the GA Digital Strategy enabling intuitive interactions, drill-down and analysis for audit data monitoring and executive reporting – through a smart, on-line and mobile solution.

Luca Veghini – Head of Group Audit Operations, Methodology and Technical Support in Assicurazioni Generali – will share his experience with us.